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Feeling Forced into Abortion? — Real Alternatives Blog

Feeling Forced into Abortion? — Real Alternatives Blog

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Feeling Forced into Abortion? — Real Alternatives Blog

The below image is a certificate A priest sent to me after talking with him about regretting the abortion and how i was forced into this Traumatizing act despite the begging I done to save my babies LIFE!


This is MY story.  My story was silent for 20 years.  Silent due to shame, guilt, low self esteem, embarrassment and a tremendous amount of pain.

 The pain that I’ve carried for so many years was brought on by an abortion that was NOT MY CHOICE!  Yes, I understand that I was young….to young to have a baby BUT the fact of the matter was, I got pregnant and it couldn’t be reversed.  OH, but that is why it is so easy for people to convince young teen moms to have an abortion because they want you to believe an abortion is “reversing” your first mistake!  WRONG!
Here are a few famous words used by abortionist and anyone else trying to convince a woman to abort:  “It’s just tissue”, “It’s a clump of cells”, “It’s as small as a grain of rice”.  “Once you have the procedure, your life will go back to normal and no one will ever have to know”.  “It will be over before you know it”.
I was 14 weeks pregnant by the time the abortion took place.  It was my third, 3 hour trip in silence that I had made with my mom and stepdad.  The first two times they took me to PPH, I refused to have it done.
I had an ultrasound done and I asked to see the screen.  I was told that it would be best that i did not look.  I was then told they would have to insert “a piece of seaweed” into my cervix so the procedure would be more comfortable for me. “COMFORTABLE”. Wow… After the “laminaria” was placed in my cervix, they sent me home, 3 hours away, to wait another 24 hours for my cervix to dialate.
That was one of the most horrific, torturous nights of my life.  See, what everyone failed to tell me was the “clump of tissue” with a heartbeat, that I was carrying inside of me, was too big to pass through a cervix not dialated and too big to “just be sucked out”!
No one ever said that one day, that entire time frame of my life would suddenly come rushing back to me  and that is when I would figure out what really took place!  They never said the dreams of a crying baby with me frantically searching to find her would haunt my nights even 20 years later!
Now, please….I need someone to hear what “MY CHOICE” would have been.  I begged for my baby’s life to be spared.  I had already spoke with staff at Liberty Godparent Home.  I wanted to live there during my pregnancy, where I would have been able to continue with all of my school classes so I did not get behind my class.  I would have had the choice of keeping my baby or giving the opportunity to a couple who could not conceive a blessing from God.  I wanted desperately to keep my baby but understood that I was young and may not be able to provide what my baby deserved, especially since the only support it seemed I had was my dear grandmother’s, Adell Shelton….God rest her soul.  She never gave up on me!  
To this day, if you ask me, MY CHOICE was the right choice….but my choice was taken from me.  It turned into “THE UNCHOICE”.
There is no doubt that I would wonder what my child would have looked liked today.  Or what goals and accomplishments they have already achieved.  I would wonder if she/he knew about me.  I would be terrified that they may think I didn’t want them or I abandoned them.  But one thing is for sure……MY CHILD WOULD BE ALIVE TO WONDER ALL OF THOSE THINGS!
JUST A FEW FACTS:From American Pediatrics: @ just 9 WEEKS gestation, the HEART has been BEATING for OVER a MONTH.  11 WEEKS gestation, NO LONGER called an embryo, now known as “FETUS”, the Latin word for “YOUNG ONE”, has all of the major organ systems.  He/she can yawn and suck.  The kidneys now produce urine.  At 13 WEEKS he/she cans suck their thumb.  Fingernails and toenails are growing.  The brain, nerves and muscles all work together now.  The baby can squint, swallow AMD make a fist……
I am praying that someone has GOT THE POINT!
Please people……STOP THE LIES ABOUT ABORTION!Abortion is ending a life if there is a beating heart.  It doesn’t matter what the size.  But when a person is told, entering their 2nd trimester of pregnancy, that “it is just tissue” or “its nothing yet” and “it will all be over and done once the abortion is finished and you can carry on and you never even have to tell anyone”…..YOU ARE VERY SADLY MISTAKEN!
An abortion can lead to to many emotional disturbances in a woman’s life, even many years post abortive.  But my opinion stands very strong on this…..if a teen or any age woman is forced or coerced into having an abortion, told that she will be abandoned if she does not have the abortion….etc….that should fall under the category as ABUSE!
Any abortion is eventually regretted but one that is truly FORCED on a mother, IS ABUSE!
Please God, let my words get across to a heart that needed to read MY STORY.